Yaris GR track kit from Australian MCA Suspension. This kit is a custom version made for Wiborg Engineering with our bespoke spring rates and damper curves for the serious trackday/race Yaris GR users


Our kits also feature real ball joint front top mounts (no rubber or OEM reuse)



MCA Reds are our longest running product second only to the Gold Series. Whilst traditionally they are recognised for their performance and flexibility in tarmac based motorsports, their valving and springs can also be tailored to suit comfort based street use, or anything in between. The MCA Reds are currently the suspension of choice for a number of control racing categories both in Australia and overseas as well as featuring on our own lap record holding Time Attack Toyota 86.


What's in the box?

  • Complete Suspension System
  • Droplinks for the front
  • Camber washers for the front suspension
  • Height Adjustment Tools
  • Setup Sheet
  • Information Sheets
  • MCA Sticker's

Coilover REDS by MCA Suspension - Wiborg Engineering Spec

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